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Misys gives Pecker head job

By Nick Lord 05 March 2004

Rudi Pecker assumes position in top slot in Asia.

After 14 years inside Misys in Europe, Rudi Pecker has been elevated to the financial technology company's Singapore office, to become head of Asia Pacific sales. In this role, Pecker will head all Misys' strategic and commercial activities in the region, aiming to grow the business and enter into long term relationships. Pecker's breadth of experience, with over 20 years in the financial services industry, will enable him to rise to the challenges of growing the business in Asia, a region fertile for expansion.

"The Asia Pacific region is very important to the Misys business, so having the right person at its head is crucial to our success, both there and worldwide," says Andy White, CEO of Misys Wholesale Banking Solutions. "We are delighted that Pecker will be leading the way"

Misys systems cover solution in trade finance, international banking, treasury and capital markets, confirmation matching, continuous linked settlements, ebanking, middleware and financial messaging.

Pecker will continue reporting to Armin Holst, Global Sales director for Misys Wholesale Banking Systems. "We are certain that [Pecker's] experience will help to significantly strengthen and ultimately grow, our business in Asia," says Holst.

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