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Eva been disappointed in bed?


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can you say, "Dead Fish?!" :deadfish:

yes i can ...

"dead fish" ...

after too much alcohol??? ...

and it was the night before this guy was leaving town and so there was no chance to make up for it. we hadn't even fucked yet, and i really needed to get laid at that point. big disappointment. :mad3:

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Guest gabo

I have been with many women that think cause cause they're hot they can be boring as well.... WRONGGGGGGGGGGGGG.

we should hook up the dead fish with all the two min men

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Guest gabo
I almost fell asleep on a guy who was going down on me one time....I tried to guide him on what to do but he just wasn't getting it...BAD experience

I almost fell asleep one time but it was just so realxing, thank god I woke my ass up

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Well seemed to be aimed at girls but shit i'll give it up to.

Yah i've been dissapointed. The worst was this girl I really wanted to get with, hotness and all, finally we hook up and she SUCKED...not just kissing EVERYTHING... what a let down. It happens every now n then though and I aint no superman myself n have fucked up every now n then to.

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