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Roy Jones - Antonio tarver picks?

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hahahahahaahahha a RJJr...u cocky son of a bitch!!

i knewwwww Tarver was gona whup him...if u guys saw the interviews leadin up to the fight ud know how hungry this kid was...wooowww


i couldnt agree more ... i knew tarver was gonna win , but i must say i wasnt expecting it 2 be so quick . my hat goes off to this guy :cool:

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amazing career it was/ still is ...don tthink its over for this guy even at 35

and look out for a rematch win vs. tarver

too much pride and talent

and dont buy into that shit him saying he was "bored"...he just had no excuse for gettin knocked the fuck out

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Jones doesn't want to fight Taver again. I dont think he could beat Taver.

Taver had the first fight won. Jones had to win the last 2 rounds to win it. Jones wants to go heavyweight. I wouldn't be shocked to see Jones take on Tyson

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I know Roy has scheduled some tune-up fight in September. He said in an interview that he wanted Tarver a third time, but now I hear that Tarver and Hopkins are talking about a fight later this year.

If Jones doesn't fight Tarver again, he should go after James Toney.

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