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she kinda looks like penelope cruz ... nice lips :drool:

also, this is kinda random, but i like the beach pic with the dark stormy sky in the background, you ALWAYS see clear blue skies in beach pics, and i think the stormy look is quite sultry and mysterious. :devil:

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I get the feeling that these pics are all pre-editing, cause usually final pics are alot brighter and such. So if that is the case then wow she is truly gorgeous and takes captivating pics without the aid of digi enhancement. :bowdown: These must be some out take pics. They are great pics:D thanks for postin:D ciao bellos

Oh and the last pic must have been one that they chose cause its all edited;)

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That bitch has some ugly ass feet... Look at that first pic!!

I know, when I saw the pic I didn't want to post it, but there are some people in here that don't care about feet, so let 'em look at it.. lol

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Well of course those pics were edited.. . they're for Sports Illustrated

no no no, I meant by pre-editing that it was before any editing had been done. That's why the pictures are darker and such. Only like 2 of the pics you posted were from after they edited. So I was sayin that she's pretty amazin cause she looks almost perfect without the editing. Make sense? Ok good :D ciao bellos

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