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How fucked is my amigo???


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Maybe some of you have done time, maybe not......Tell me what you think this kid is in for. Last night a friend of mine calls me who owns a restaurant. My friend waiters there a few nights a week and the cops came in last night to arrest him. They asked his name and said someone hit and run his car so would he come outside to verify if the car is his. As soon as he goes outside he is handcuffed and questioned. There are 8 cops outside the restaurant. I'm not sure if they had a search warrant, or just asked him if they could search his car. But they started searching and eventually a tow truck came and the car was being taken in for further inspection. This dude, "to my limited knowledge :)", has been know to carry pretty good amounts of coke, e, and weed in his car for whatever his purposes may be. He had a safe secured with an iron cable to his trunk. They told the owner of the restaurant that he would not be returning to work and he is part of an investigation. Nobody has heard from him since he was taken in, so I'm sure he's locked up. How would this go for a first offense considering the scope of his involvement. Any clues??

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All depends on the amount of whatever it is he may have had on him.

If they can link him to other dealings via phone taps, undercover buys.

With the information given, its impossible to tell.

He's a noisy individual.....let's put it that way.....for his sake I hope there were no phone taps. the amount of whatever.......well you don't need a safe mounted in your trunk for personal stash........the amounts are pretty high......

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Your boy is fucked. Maybe you should get him a going away present. Vasiline would be a good idea.

we're taking a collection......so far we have 3 razor blades and 6 1/2 cigarettes.....


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why would u have so much on u???? why not keep it @ home, say for whatever reason he gtes pulled over and they search his car, granted its in a safe, but your a dealer for christs sake, when something like that ( the resturant thing) happens, why would u have it on u, might not matter anyway, if they had just reason to search his car, then the same prolly would of applied to his home, hope hes got a good laywer :(

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