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What is the one WORD that...


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you hear or someone calls you that makes you want to clobber (i love that word) them..ala "chicken" in Back to the Future???

when someone "shhhhh's" me, while i am speaking... other than that i dont really care enough to react to other ppls crap...

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not a word..yet a phrase "just wanted to touch base"

i know ive posted about this b4...but..MOTHERFUCKER WE AiNT PLAYIN BASEBALL!! U AINT TOUCHIN NO BASE

i hate that shit so much... touch base...wtf... or "state of the art" wtf... what state, what art~!?

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i despise that word... esp in the heat of an argument


oh when arguing someone tells me "drop it" or "whatever change the subject..." equates to " i am running out of ammo and energy and do not want to lose so lets forget about it this for now, and ill bring it up a week from now when i am reloaded..." grrrr.. you brought it up now, lets settle it now... period... gay. gay. gay.

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So So So So SO So So SO TRUE Merrrrrrk

oooooooooooooh, you'll like this...

i was talking to my manager about whether DB was going to officially sponsor my licenses..and he pulled the old "well everything is kinda held up in Legal"


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