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Yeah, so it's 6:30 and I've been at work since 8:00 and now it looks like I'm gonna be here till atleast 9:00 trying to finish this bullshit up for the morning.


Thank God I have the tv right by my desk to watch my Mets win again...who the hell is on this thing around this time for some entertainment? I never post after work.


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:laugh: im still posting

im at work too bro...i been doing these late nites in the office since like last week and im fed up.......wish everyone else would do their jobs so i would have to.... :mad::splat::gang:

that sucks...I mean I'm not here because other people aren't doing there shit but every once in a while something will come up last minute that needs to be done for a meeting or someshit the next morning so I just have to bang it out and stay late

Ladyshady....did anyone ever tell you, you have some serious problems?

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