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is anyone else...

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EXHAUSTED as all hell??? idk what it is... the rain? not doing anything all day since ive been out of school? wtf?

all i wanna do is go to sleep but its only 9pm and if i go to bed now ill be up at like 5 am wide awake.. and i cant be havin that..

guess im gonna just stay up and :type: for a while

cant we like play a game or something

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this entire week I haven't been able to fall asleep at night for some reason...I would just lay down and flip through the channels all night. It's weird cause I would usually be able to come home after work, eat and pass out by 10:00 some nights and get a good night of sleep. Now I can barely keep my eyes open and I have to drive home an hour from CT and than wake up in a few and come right back to this place.


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i watched! i havent even watched the show but i managed to catch the last episode... i liked the girl he picked :D she seemed like the one for him compared to the other one vomiting all night LOL

Nooo I'm so upset he chose Jessica :( She just seemed so fake and when she was w/his family, she wasn't genuine..I liked tara...:( Poor girl.

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im beat as hell this week. Played a big bball game tues., drank 7-8 Guinness' last night at a free Guinness convention, today i have a softball game 4 my job, tomorrow im hanging out in woodside, saturday is my friends house party and sunday i MIGHT be able to rest :woah:

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