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Get ready to be blown away

According to the sage Mandukya, the self has 4 quarters:

The 1st quarter is the waking state. Consciousness is outward turned. It enjoys gross (physical) objects.

The 2nd quarter is the dream state. Consciousness is inward turned. It enjoys subtle (dreamed) objects. [When awake, this is meditation]

The 3rd quarter is the deep sleep state. In deep sleep, one becomes a unified mass of consciousness, consisting of bliss and feeding on bliss. [When awake this is samadhi, a superconscious state or mental absorbtion]

The 4th quarter is a hidden absolute state. It is neither inward nor outward turned consciousness; nor the two together and not a unified mass of consciousness.

It is the coming to rest of all relative existance, with its sole essense being the consciousness of its own self. It is invisible, intangible, inconceiveable, indefineable, quiet, peacefull, blissful, and without a second.

This is the self. This is to be realised. [this goes without saying; this is enlightenment]

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i took religious studies in college for 1 year ,and I became interested in some aspects of buddhism . But i never got into detailed studies .....maybe one day who knows .

..im all about knowledge & culture .

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