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Good werk, Todd, Joonya, and Fester! The choons were muy excelente, the drinks were strong, all the females were like wicked drunk (Cabana Crew...mount up!!), and all the people over my house wielding balloons, coors lite, and dollar bills didn't simmer down until like 5 am...good times!

(I can't believe I am a functioning human being @ werk right now!) :vomit2:

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awwww prp...you're not lame. You can still party like a rock star, baby!

p.s. post a review of that pic I sent ya. :laugh:

I sent you a mail yeaterday, did you get it? I luff em! :love:

That pic was fantastic, don't you guys wish you could have seen that great pair of foxy boobs like me!:bowdown:

I'm dying to party, I need some...

:insert stymie mean comment here about our "ass kissing": ;)

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Ok heres the real deal I just got a call from Larry's friend, who is remarkably mine and his agent. After the who thing that happened in AC with the deal and after the third person forgot about the entire problem we all didn't realize about the money. Her agent did call though and it looks like an open and closed deal. I couldn't care less though but I'm sure allot of the North Jersey locals will be excited. A bombardment of signature signing wont be tolerated i heard. So just relax and let the night spend.

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