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Fri-Lunacy 5/28@Vision -Angelist, Chris Gin - Drink 10-11p


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May 28th

Lunacy @ Vision

LightningMan, Black Market Chicago and Localsound Presents


Chris Gin and Angelist bring the past and present together with A “dance floor first†mentality. Angelist’s endless supply of white labels and test pressings, combined with Gin’s huge collection of classics will result in aural insanity. There is no opening DJ required to bore the room until the headliner decides to go on- the two DJs will be playing off of each other and challenging the crowd from lights out to last call.

THE PERFORMANCES: The Sinstress Sideshow featuring Miss Maya explores the boundaries of performance art, costume design and human sexuality. They invite you to experience the roaring 2000’s inside the context of the DJ team’s set. Watch, keep on dancing or even participate in the show with complimentary Polaroids with the girls in costume to commemorate your own personal Lunacy. This month’s performance promises “stimulation†with an “Eyes Wide Shut†Theme!

THE ENVIRONMENT: Optical Sensory Input by: Lightning Man Illumination by: Men D.

THE OFFER: $10 all-night and FUN WITHOUT ATTITUDE! FOR TABLE RESERVATIONS: Kenny or Dave 312.266.1944


Lightning Man, Black Market Chicago and Localsound joint operation! Crowds on Friday Vision are averaging large numbers...

Chris Gin (localsound, dt-djs)

Angelist (localsound, gramaphone)

SINStRess Sideshow

Vision Sky (Excalibur Entrance)

640 N Dearborn

Chicago, Il


21+, come as you are, no dress code

$10 all night




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