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waterCLUB summer 04 season


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Its that time again.

for the 4th year Ill be heading back over to waterclub to take over entertainment.

OPENING WEEKEND: Thursday the 28th- Sunday

whats the schedule looking like?

Thursdays: Myself, D.r.e.g.g will be swapping on & off to cater the total south shore spectrum... one of us at twiZted, and the other will be at waterclub.... Paul Dailey will aslo be in the mix down the road for thursdays

Fridays: Returning to my senior year on fridays

Saturday: DJ Mix academy & jet-set guru Paul Dailey is set to break the sophomore curse weekly.

Sundays are kinda of all our nights, one of the 3 of us will be there every week...

as most know, july 5th the STATE-WIDE smokin ban goes into effect, you WILL be able to smoke on the roof-deck.

THIS IS a "read the crowd" kinda place... you never know what we might break out... depends on the vibe...

looking forward to another scorching summer!!!!

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come on, u know mwe better!

for the record I only played that record once, and it was the oceaniac insanity mash-up (not that it makes it any better :yuck: )

but I will sadly admit to playing the rivera mix of feel the beat in its hayday....Hey, it was 2000 everyones judgement was impaired

While, Paul & I are there... I have a feeling it will be a hiphop kinda summer.... you've been warned...

aside from some junior jack, full intention and other summer-ee sounds

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i assume this place is somewhere on the marina?

ya it's down by the restaurants, you have to walk down the wooden docks where u would go to get on the boats.

I went there last 4th of july weekend and we asked for some dance music and they played sandstorm.

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I went there last 4th of july weekend and we asked for some dance music and they played sandstorm.

so I guess the question is... did you break out the nordic track dance in its honor? :bounce:

I promise Paul Dailey & I will not be playing that, I cant account for occasional fill-ins though...

then again, it is quincy.... pretty cutting edge.

I actually had someone bring a cdr/mp3 of confusion (blade) and ask me to play it there..... I love it

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