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6/12 Sat::Themes from a Neon City Featuring Marco Lenzi


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Play Co., Koncept and Dru’s present

Themes From a Neon City



MARCO LENZI eukatech :: molecular recordings

Check out his set: http://www.playcomusic.com/audio/MLenziLive@Brazil_0204_lo.m3u

In an exclusive weekend engagement, Chicago welcomes for the first time ever Marco Lenzi, a key player in the London techno scene for the past 12 years. His passion for techno lead to the birth of Molecular Recordings, one of the most respected cutting edge techno labels in the UK. This internationally acclaimed producer and DJ has thrilled clubbers all throughout the World with his flawless mixing style and superior track selections. Be ready as he takes his minimal and funky, no messing sound to Chicago...for more info visit: http://www.playcomusic.com/artists/mlenzi.html

also with


MIKE WADE koncept :: tresor

Mike Wade has devoted himself to challenging musical boundaries while remaining true to the definition of techno music. Now more than ever, he stands ready to assume a role of techno prominence. Mike's raw production style is distinct and powerful. The music he creates is as exciting and advanced as it is grounded in electronic tradition. His musical production has garnered support from the likes of DJ Rush, Dave Clarke, Chris Lebing, Laurent Garnier and Carl Cox. Mike is recognized not only for his production work, but also for his amazing DJ performances. He has perfomed at major club events and festivals all-throughout Europe playing alongside artists such as Jeff Mills, DJ Skull and Claude Young.



Afflicted with a yearning for the shadows of artistic expression, Thom enjoys cascading trough all genres in search of the darkness which inspires him. Unable to focus an entire set to one sound, Thom uses his panache for diversity to help him express his tastes through electronic music. A journey which Thom hopes will bring the listener somewhere they don't recognize.


SASHA NAVARRO play co. :: global trip

The energy is evident in each of Sasha's dirty, techy and funky sessions that is filled with percussion and incessant bass. With her unique vibe, she delivers a relentless flowing rhythm in a journey into true underground sounds that has penetrated the dance floors of Mexico City, Acapulco, Queretaro, Chicago and Miami. As a member of Play Co., she transports her passion of the music to cultivate the local underground scene by showcasing up & coming artists and producers through off the driven path events.


Dru’s Lounge

2101 S. China Place (same place as My Place restaurant)

9:30pm-3am :: 21+ with ID

NO COVER before 10:30pm

$6 General Admission

TEL+ 312.567.9349

MAP+ http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?searchtype=address&formtype=search&countryid=250&addtohistory=&country=US&address=2101%2BS%2BChina%2BPl&city=Chicago&state=IL&zipcode=&historyid=&submit=Get%2BMap

MORE INFO+ www.playcomusic.com


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