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I have been reading on and off about this venue. We have started this party 3 weeks ago thinking it would be a success. Before starting a lot of people have been complaining that the vibe there was no good. I first thought, WHY? I thought maybe the venue was no good. But for the first time walking in there I was very impressed in how the whole set up was. The first night of the Friday party with Max Graham to be honest the night was not as packed as we expected. To me I guess everyone kept their words in not attending Spirit due to the fact that the vibe is no good for them. Then the following Friday we all did a strong push in promotions with Hernan. Now for those that were there Hernan ripped it. RIPPED IT! More and more people attended. This past Friday with Satoshi was better then the other Fridays, so slowly but surely the Friday party is progressing. The talent that the venue is bring is an A+. The venue will continue to bring in great icon dj's to pleasure everyone. Remember its all about the music. Im asking if anyone cares to attend again let me know. If anyone had problems with anyone there just come to me and I will try my best in accommodating you and guests. I mean come on the talent and venue is good and the crowd is coming in bigger every Friday. Look where PVD is going to be in JUNE - Spirit ! The fact that im doing the door there, this not a promotional thing. Im just excited that all the venues in NYC are bringing in Great Talent that we havent gotten in a while. Its something we all should take advantage of !

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