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This one is for Enrique Wilson. Play on playa! :beer:

You know what I find funny about the " Not so good " players on the Yankees. If you put them in for a few games. Or in a tough situation. They always come through. But the minute you make them a steady position player they suck.

Go Figure.

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When your #9 hitter is driving in 4-6 runs a game, things are very good!

The so called not so good players on the Yankees(Wilson, Sierra, Cairo, Clark) are pulling their weight so far, so their definately doing more than their asked to do.

As far as the theory of them sucking as soon as they are given a "steady" position; most of these guys are not gonna get a steady position unless someone is injured for the year. Tony Clark is gonna be splittin time with Travis Lee and Giambi when they come back from the DL, Wilson and Cairo will split time throught the season and Lofton, Williams, and Sierra are always gonna be shuffled depending on the opponents.

With that said, there's a boat load of talent on this team which should make for an interesting year.

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