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Chris Rock said it best...

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somewhat paraphrased from what I saw on HBO a couple of nights ago:

"Democrats are idiots, republicans are idiots, liberals are idiots, conservatives are idiots; anyone who's made up their mind about an issue before thinking about it is an idiot. I'm conservative about crime, but I'm liberal when it comes to prostitution." :)

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None of those groups make up thier minds about anything before thinking about it. liberalism and conservatism are general priniciples on belives in helping to shap decisions they aren't a sert sheet of decsions given to you when you subscribe to the phillosophy. The statement is DUMB

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speaking of dumb statements, thats a pretty incoherent reply, aside from the first sentence you make no sense. Just FYI, plenty of these groups make up their minds based on being liberal or conservative, I don't know where you've been but its become even more apparent since the war. Politicians are stubborn and based on their background, you can almost always predict what their stance will be on many issues.

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