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am i the only one...


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i like the look on some goth chicks. but most of the goth girls ive seen are jus ugly white chicks that just gave up.

:laugh: i agree .. but like in all things bullseye.. we are only talkin about the hott ones here :D

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yeah the goth look can be hot. Some guys can pull off the the makeup really well...I have a thing for certain men in eyeliner and black nails...yummie.

And chicks in goth can be very cool lookin too.

It was really funny to see how many people hit on me when I worked at a haunted house. I wore a black wig that looked like Catherine Zeta-Jones's hair in Chicago, and then I would rim my eyes in black, have black-red lispstick and blood coming from my eyes and mouth. And I would wear all black:D I had this one lady ask her man if they could take me home :laugh: I was like ummm naw I'm good thanks :laugh: Generally gothic people are a lil more sexually free so that can be a huge turn on to people,and of course it's that whole bad boy/bad girl aura that is always sexy, the bit of danger:tongue: and it's fun to play bad every now and then ;)

ciao bellos

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