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Attn : Kaydup


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Candy Kids*

We sparkle and shine with glitter and glow,

If you've never met us before this way you'll know.

Spreading the vibe through a party with laughter and love,

Some even have wings on their backs like angels above.

"Don't take candy from strangers" doesn't apply here,

We pass it out with love, so there's nothing to fear.

So, If we are playing, or dancing, or practicing the PLUR of which we speak...

We are the party's candy kids....and just think; to us, YOU may be the FREAK!!!!

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Yes its all about the music, but understand one thing. Sometimes there are people that dress waaay to shitty and sloppy. Spirit or Avalon is not an underground club or rave so you can dress whatever you want. There is a limit and im sure we ALL know that.

Look again what you said. You had no problam at the door and you wore kicks. Then why must you hard on something that didnt happen to you.

If you care to attend let me know or see me at the door.

Victor Soto

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