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Top 50 Chart for 24-30 May 2003


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Soundsamples for these tracks can be heard on our website at www.rezrec.com

TW-LW Artist Title Label (Country) Genre


1-2 Royal Gigolos California Dreaming Ultra (USA) Tech House

Mamas & Papas classic gets the rework for 2004 a la Boogie Pimps in this charttopper from Germany

2-3 Bob Sinclar You Can Be My Lover Yellow (FRA) Mainstream House

Hands-in-the-air vocal house monster with a diva-driven attitude and punchy, disco-tinged orchestration

3-5 Martin Solveig Rockin Music Defected (ENG) Underground House

Sexy new vocal houser in the classic Defected style with mixed from Joey Negro and Warren Clarke

4-1 Tiesto f/BT Love Comes Again Nettwerk (USA) Anthemic Trance

BT's passionate vocal pairs perfectly with Tijs' stunning orchestration in this massive followup to "Traffic"

5-10 Christina Milian Dip It Low Island (USA) Mainstream House

Full Intention, Tyas & Lawrence and JJ Flores on the mix for the latest single from the sassy pop singer

6-7 Ceevox Believe In Me Voice Of Underground (ITA) Mainstream House

Tracy Young on remix duty for this diva's latest anthem

7-9 Milk & Sugar Get Down Stay Down Milk & Sugar (GER) Tech House

The boys trade in their disco balls for a darker, techier sound with sassy vocal hooks and sharper production, remixes from Phunk Investigation and Lost N'Alive

8-4 Anastacia Left Outside Alone Epic (USA) Mainstream House

Jason Nevins with the monster remix on this huge comeback single for the diva with the orange glasses

9-11 Flash Brothers Amen Oxyd (ITA) Progressive House

Stunning vocal progressive house production with housier Italy-only mixes to broaden the appeal

10-16 Armand van Helden Hear My Name Tommy Boy (USA) Tech House

Arman van Helden goes into the retro revival with this insanely catchy vocal number with mixes from Serge Santiago and Solid Groove

11-26 Narcotic Thrust I Like It Free2Air (ENG) Mainstream House, Tech House

Tom Mangan and Sinewave Surfers rework this bigroom monster with the hooky vocal, US edition with Dean Coleman mixes due mid-June

12-17 Steve Winwood vs Black Box Everybody Call Me White (ENG) Mainstream House

The Red Kult mashup that is the perfect retro blend for the summertime masses

13-20 Age Of Love Age Of Love 2004 Alphabet City (GER) Anthemic Trance, Hard Dance

Marc et Claude and Cosmic Gate give the trance classic its 10 year update perfect for today's trance floors, Marco V mixes on the way

14-6 ATB Marrakech Kontor (GER) Anthemic Trance

Andre going on a bit of a progressive tip with this smooth, flowing yet energetic new single featuring a haunting female vocal

15-28 Britney Spears Everytime Jive (USA) Mainstream House, Anthemic Trance

Scumfrog, Above & Beyond and Dr Octavo remix La Brit's followup to the massive "Toxic"

16-23 Monkey Bars Shuggie Love Subliminal (ENG) Tech House

Debut for Subliminal UK with an ultra funky vocal house jam sporting mixes from CZR, Clover and Majestic 12

17-8 Oceanlab Satellite Ultra (USA) Anthemic Trance

Tabove & Beyond take this vocal masterpiece to the angels, Markus Schulz puts the progheads in orbit on the flip

18-24 Peace Division No More Subliminal Shit Low Pressings (ENG) Tech House

No diss intended as a vocal about hidden messages is integraed into the pumpy, techy production faultlessly, D Ramirez works his magic on the flip

19-14 D Ramirez Testify Thrust (ENG) Tech House

Chunky, funky tech house from one of the masters of the genre

20-13 BT Technology EP Nettwerk (USA) Anthemic Trance, Progressive House

Tiesto's rework of "Force Of Gravity" (f/JC Chasez on vocals) and Attention Deficit's touch on "The Great Escape" make this collection essential

21-NEW Rosabel f/Jeanie Tracy Cha Cha Heels Tommy Boy (USA) Mainstream House

Time to strap on the pumps as La Tracy pairs with Rosabel and Tony Moran to keep the conga line bouncing.

22-18 Lionel Richie Just For You Island (USA) Mainstream House

Summery house remixes by Pound Boys and Todd Terry fit perfectly with the smooth soulful vocals as only Lionel Richie can provide

23-NEW Goldfrapp Strict Machine Mute (USA) Mainstream House, Tech House

Benny Benassi, Victor Calderone and Peter Rauhofer among the big boys reworking the latest single from the fashionista extraordinaire.

24-31 4 Strings Turn It Around Ultra (USA) Anthemic Trance

More haunting vocal trance perfection from these Dutch masters

25-NEW Faithless Mass Destruction Cheeky (ENG) Progressive House

Maxi Jazz' timely rumination is paired with solid club mixes by Paul Jackson and Tom Middleton for major dancefloor devastation.

26-12 House Of Glass Freakin Egoiste (GER) Underground House

German disco-tinged house with a sassy female vocal and a solid remix by Bini & Martini

27-33 Cherie I'm Ready Lava (USA) Mainstream House

Mike Rizzo and Dave Aude give the bigroom rerub to this bouncy vocal production

28-NEW Janet Jackson All Nite (Don't Stop) Virgin (ENG) Progressive House

Sander Kleinenberg reworks La Janet's sultry new single into a seductive progressive house while Low End Specialist funk it up for the chunkier floors

29-32 Cor Fijneman Healing In Trance We Trust (BNX) Anthemic Trance

Stunning Dutch vocal trance with blue-eyed female vocals over masterful orchestrations of synth and rhythm, with an instrumental version on the flip for the purists.

30-NEW Sandy B Make The World Go Round 2004 Champion (ENG) Mainstream House

Wayne G updates this vocal classic for the bigrooms in 2004 as Solsonik goes deeper and funkier for the smaller floors

31-19 Thea Austin Broken Wings Liza (USA) Mainstream House

Hands in the air time as Ms Thea belts out a powerhouse vocal for the bigrooms on this microlabel's debut release

32-22 Coca & Villa La Noche TUSOM (SPA) Progressive House, Underground House

Sunny summer nights on the Costa del Sol are conjured up by this seductive vocal stunner featuring flamenco guitars and spacious synthwork

33-29 Who Da Funk Chi Chin SubUSA (USA) Tech House

Pumpy funky tech houser with a solid rework by Subliminal head honcho Eric Morillo on the flip

34-35 Steve Lawler Lost Subversive (ENG) Progressive House

Dark, brooding techy-tribal progressive production with a solid mix from Mark Knight & Martin ten Velden

35-NEW Jahkey B Heart Attack *69 (USA) Tribal House

Peter Rauhofer and Hector Fonseca on the mix for this hooky bigroom houser from the #69 label.

36-15 Thomas Dolby Blinded Me With Science 2004 Additive (ENG) Progressive House

James Doman reworks the early '80s classic into a massive progressive house monster

37-27 Supafly Erotic City Subliminal (USA) Tech House, Underground House

Reworking of the Prince 80s anthem with a blistering tech house rework by Christos on the flip

38-42 Matt's Track I Don't Know MCM (ITA) Tech House

Bouncy Italian house production that uses samples from an old Supremes track as the hook

39-NEW Hemstock & Jennings Crimson Soil 2004 Phaze One (ENG) Anthemic Trance

Stunning bigroom melodic trancer with a haunting female chant and mixes by John O'Callaghan and Icon

40-21 Agnelli & Nelson Holding On To Nothing Xtravaganza (ENG) Anthemic Trance

Gorgeous UK trancer with angelic melodies and stunning female vocals, Paul van Dyk provides a mix for the German edition

41-25 Basic J The Drums WL (BNX) Tribal House

As the title suggests, this is a rhythm heavy tribal track of the first degree - massive congas

42-44 K90 Cosmos Dataless (ENG) Anthemic Trance

Massive driving UK anthemic trance production with a harder edge

43-NEW Andrea Bertolini Attractive Clubbin (ITA) Tech House

Hard-hitting Italian tech house production that uses hooks from the classic Lords Of Acid track "Pussy" into its Benassi-styled production

44-30 Kristine W Save My Soul Tommy Boy (USA) Mainstream House

Followup to "Fly Again" with mixes from Gabriel & Dresden, Junior Vasquez and Mike Cruz to keep the diva in full view

45-34 Lillian Magic Moments Widelife (BNX) Progressive House

Another lush, haunting vocal progressive release with an excellent reworking by Bart van Wissen on the flip

46-NEW X-Press 2 Strobelight Sihlouette Skint (ENG) Tech House

Chunky, funky tech house monster from one of Britain's masters of the genre.

47-41 Niteflow My Sunshine ID&T (BNX) Mainstream House, Tech House

ID&T shows its housier side with this massive inspirational vocal production and a Maddox & Roy mix on the flip for techier floors

48-NEW DuMonde Cold Fate (GER) Anthemic Trance

Dramatic bigroom trance with epic synth orchestrations, massive breakdowns and a haunting male spoken vocal worked into the production

49-38 Frankie Knuckles Bac N Da Day Definity (USA) Underground House

House legend returns for 2004 with a funky house jam ably supported by a remix from the legendary David Morales

50-36 Thick Dick Tweakin' Sondos (USA) Tribal House

Punchy tribal-tech hybrid monster from E-Smoove's alter ego featuring a rework from Saeed on the flip

OUT-37 Janet Jackson Just A Little While Virgin (USA) Mainstream House

Peter Rauhofer rework's the lead single from "Damita Jo" for the bigrooms while Maurice Joshua classes it up for the underground

OUT-39 Sarah McLachlan Fallen Arista (ENG) Progressive House

Gabriel & Dresden and Satoshi Tomiie on the mix for this haunting vocal tour de force

OUT-40 DT8 Sun Is Shining Ultra (USA) Mainstream House, Anthemic Trance

Darren Tate gets a US release with this sunny commerical track featuing an insanely catchy male vocal with mixes for both house and trance jocks

OUT-43 ATFC f/Inaya Day Mine Onephatdeeva (ENG) Mainstream House

Funky disco-tinged house monster from Aydin with Ms Day doing her thing to perfection

OUT-45 Wippenberg Elemental Touched By Sound (GER) Anthemic Trance

Dark driving trance instrumental masterpieces show how the basic roots of the genre can still offer inspiration

OUT-46 Alan T Ferosh Vinyl Underground (ITA) Tribal House

More attitude than a drag queen on the catwalk with a driving tribal instrumentation to keep the energy level at its peak

OUT-47 Mike Hiratzka & Justin Scott-Dixon Two Worlds Propulsion (ENG) Progressive House

High class progressive house production with a massive Descent remix on the flip

OUT-48 Elya Summer Love Paradise (FRA) Mainstream House

Summery vocal houser with a solid remix from David Vendetta on the flip

OUT-49 Duran Duran Girls On Film 2004 White (ENG) Tech House

SFB on the bootleg tip with this solid reworking of Duran Duran's classic

OUT-50 Blank & Jones Mind Of The Wonderful Gang Go (GER) Anthemic Trance

Stunning bigroom melodic trancer from these German masters with the vocalist from Perpetuous Dreamer enchanting the angels, mixes by Hiver & Hammer, Re:Locate and RMB take the track to the next level.

Future Hits

Dave Armstrong Out Of Time Eyezcream (FRA) Mainstream House

Cyber X f/Jody Watley Waves Of Love Drizzly (GER) Anthemic Trance

Bat 67 I Want You To Come Subliminal (USA) Tech House

Shapeshifter Lola's Theme Positiva (ENG) Underground House

Sander van Doorn Punk'd Oxygen (BNX) Progressive House

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