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06.11 :: PARTY like MONSTERs with Superstar DK KEOKI @ CLUB 5

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Ten years before Ecstacy made it's way to the cover of Time, Keoki was preaching a new, dark brand of techno trance to legions of highly chromatic club kids in New York's legendary Limelight. He was the prototypical DJ bad boy, cutting his teeth at Disco 2000, the night club where unsupervised drug use was the norm and patrons routinely stripped naked for a 3 a.m. bacchanalian ritual. This was the world before Giuliani broke the back of Peter Gatien's club empire and when GHB, ketamine and rohypnol were off the Drug Enforcement Administration's radar. Keoki may not have been the ringleader of the nocturnal freak fest, but as the club's resident DJ and soon-to-be-infamous "king of the club kids" Michael Alig's roomate (immortalized in the recent movie, PARTY MONSTER), he was definitely the star.

But the El Salvadorian-born & Hawaiian-raised Keoki says he doesn't want to live off the macabre celebrity that Alig's gruesome murder of a New York drug dealer affords him. Nor has he become a tell-all tabloid caricature, like much of his club-kid fraternity who appeared on late-'90's Geraldo, Jenny Jones & Ricki Lake shows as frequently as mullet haircuts. He recently turned down appearances on E! Entertainment Television & The Howard Stern Show, much to his label's dismay.

Instead, Keoki Franconi would love you to focus on his "near" sobriety, PLUR and his latest CD, where he sings, among other things, a techno cover version of Frankie Goes To Hollywood's "Relax." Having sold over 580,000 records and mix CD's, he sees his recent years and new album Jealousy as a move toward the center of American dance music's dramatic rise.

A movement that he helped start...

CARL MICHEALS (611 Records, Philly)

Funky Tech House

Carl Michaels is widely known as a pioneer in the East Coast house music genre. He remains a guiding force in keeping house sound alive and growing with mix compilations, as well as running 611 Records' house sublabel Society Hill Recordings. Look for future productions as he continues to push the envelope with his funky, techy sound...



Come on now!!! No latenight old school session would be complete without POLLEN RESIDENT, and one of the original DC Hip Hop DJ's... OSOFRESH. This guy is so versatile, it amazes us all. He can flip tempos and vibes like no other. DJ's... Take Notes... He can rock whatever he wants, anytime he wants.

Give it up for a true DC Pioneer.


Experience the night on CLUB FIVE's Full Bass Heavy EAW Avalon Sound system!!

Club Five is a spacious 3 level club offering a variety of moods. Some of the club's features include 3 fully stocked large bars, lounge areas, state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, long-back sofas, coat check, and a rooftop patio.

21+ . No Dress Code . $10 admission . Doors 10 to 5

Club Five: 1214 B 18th Street NW, WDC

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