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Is anyone willing to admit that they are on meds? Seriously..

I am...I take Lamactil and used to take Depakote.. both are anti depressants and anti anxiety meds...they help me keep my head together.....

Just curious who's on what... and if it helps....

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I take synthroid for thyroid disease and lexipro for headaches caused by a chemical imbalance in my brain.. I admit it... not like i can abuse synthroid or lexipro.lol (both prescribed by my neurologist)

and both help tremendously!!!!

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i took zoloft for a year and there were immediate results during the first week. i'm not sure if the pills actually h elped me in the long run.. or if i was suppressing issues i never resolved.. i still have crying jags occasionally but i'm definitely not as sensitive and depressed as i used to be.. i have at least one bad day a week instead of each and every day..i wonder sometimes if overcomming this was just because i matured a little more or was entirely due to medication.

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nope.......i self medicate though with coke,diesel,alcohol,weed,dust,base,xanax, valium, dems, etc......

i do the same...self meds work best...i just wish my medical card worked with my "street" pharmacist...a $5 co-pay would :rock:

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