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Is Scavenger81 an Alien???


Is Scavenger81 an ALIEN???  

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  1. 1. Is Scavenger81 an ALIEN???

    • Yes!
    • No
    • No, BUT KILL HIM ANYWAYS!!! :)

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Lets review the facts -

- He just shows up out of NOWHERE and all of the sudden he is at EVERY club

-He has a wierd accent unlike any accent Ive heard before

-He claims hes from 'Eastern Europe' yet he cannot specify which country ('we come from france'... you know what Im getting at)

-He always has the same white t-shirt and pants on, which leads me to beleive that its not really clothing, but just what people on his planet really look like... like OUR skin and hair

-He says alot of wierd shit that ONLY an alien would say

-He posts shit on CP like "uB3r l33t Hax0rZ" which is probably some code for another message board alien to read

-He can fix any computer or turn it into a Photon-blaster (dead giveaway)

-He has NO car yet he can show up at any place, any time... must have a teleportation device hidden somewhere

-He always shows up places with other wierd people with white t-shirts and weird accents

If he IS, I think we should kill him SOON. :blown:

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