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Junior Vasquez Joins The Revolution 06.09.04


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European progressive, classic house, runway bitch-tracks, old-skool soul, 1980s freestyle and diva anthems. Youll find thousands of DJs around the world whose style of spinning falls into one of the aforementioned genres; youll find only one who plays all of themat the same time. Its a tapestry of indescribable beats that could only be the work of one man: the unrivaled, formidable and legendary Junior Vasquez.

Since his days as a fledgling talent at a little-known club called Bassline, Vasquez has taken the rudimentary task of playing records and elevated it to nothing short of an art form, parlaying his insidious turntable witchery into big-room residencies at some of the most famed mega-clubs in New York history: Tunnel, Arena, Twilo, Earth and the still-worshipped original Sound Factory on West 27th Street.

Of course, his career has had its share of ups and downs, triumphs and tribulations, victories and falterings. To Vasquez, its a roller-coaster ride that comes with the territoryif youre going to wear the crown as the Emperor of New York DJs, youd better know how to deal with the drama. But Junior Vasquez doesnt just deal with dramahe lives for it.

In Part 1 of this unprecedented two-part interview with house musics reigning maestro supreme, we sit down with Vasquez to turn back time in the DJ booth, reviewing each of the residencies of his gargantuan career, confronting him with questions that have been lingering on the minds of the New York underground for years. Why did Vasquezs much-hyped Earth party at Exit ultimately fall short of expectations? Is he comfortable with being labeled The Gay DJ? What does Vasquez have to say to DJ Jonathan Peters after displacing him at the 46th Street Sound Factory last December? After resident gigs at 530 West 27th Street in its Twilo and Sound Factory heydays, does Vasquez have designs to return to his old digs in the buildings present incarnation as Spirit nightclub?

Youll hear it all for yourselfdirect from Vasquez. This is an interview you wont soon forget.

Log on. Tune in. Listen up. On Wednesday, June 9, at 9pm Junior Vasquez The DJ joins THE REVOLUTION.

For more information on Junior Vasquez, please visit:


COMING JUNE 23: Junior Vasquez The Producer joins THE REVOLUTION!

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