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Paulina Rubio


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she loves to eat box and snort k....

my kind of girl!!!

she was at crobar a couple of months back, and this is gonna kill bling....but he was standing around her that night...... but she looked like she might had done a couple lines of k that night....cuz she looked cracked the hell out!!!!!!!!!!!! kind of scary!!!!!!!!!!!!! but if u eat box ill be leniant!!!!!!!!!!:D

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Don't tell me these things... :(

y not!?!?!?!?!?!? u need to party with us naughty...ull be surprised at the people u will se and meet,a nd how they r in person!!!!!!!!! with me and themrs, and the colombian connection from blendprod....its a celebration!!!!!!!!!!!!!! moniquetz probably doesnt want to knoe the dirt on sofia vergara either...but blends got the good on her too!!!!!!!!!!! he was somewhat of a powerful person in colombia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! colombia bitches!!!!!!!!!!:D

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That’s right, her home was designed by her ex-boyfriend's father ( if I am not mistaken his last name is Boffil he very well known in Spain)

I think the house was once a church.. some type of building

before he turned it into her sweet ass house...

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