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New & Notable Releases for 14-20 June 2004


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The following titles have been received at US wholesalers and should be available at local specialty stores this coming week.

Soundsamples for most of these tracks can be found at our website www.rezrec.com.

Bootlegs & Acapellas

A Man Called Adam “Barefoot In The Head†White ENG 12 – Justin Robertson reworking

Beastie Boys “Body Movin 2004†White ENG 12 – reworking by Justin Robertson -

Beatles “Strawberry Fields 2004†White ENG 12 – Breakbeat rework that integrates the vocals into a funky production.

David Bowie “Rebel Never Gets Old†White ENG 12 Picture – Picture disc bootleg that blends two original David Bowie tracks, “Rebel Rebel†and “Never Gets Old.â€

Bustah Rhymes “Put Your Hands 2004†White BNX 12 – semi-official reworking of the classic hip-hop track with elements of the original vocal over an energetic tech-tinged house orchestration, circulating as Lola vs Bustah.

Cameo vs Emmanuel Top “Ecsta Word†White GER 12 – Funky chunky Tech House bootleg that mashed the vocal from Cameo with the orchestration from Emmanuel Top “Ecstaâ€

Cassidy f/R Kelly “Hotel†White ENG 12 Promo – remix by Mauve in a funky house style with full vocals. Circulates as MAUVE05

Coldplay “God (Put A Smile On Your Face) 2004†White ENG 12 – circulates as Fairplay, floaty progressive house reworking with elements of the vocal worked into the produciton

Depeche Mode “Dream On 2004†White USA 12 – Progressive house reworkings by Grassinmoto on the L-Series. Two mixes, both integrating elements of the vocal into the production.

Depeche Mode “Personal Jesus 2004†White SPA 12 – driving bootleg uptempo tribal-tinged house reworking of the classic late 80s hit circulating as PJ1.

Missy Elliot vs Knight Rider “Get Your Rider On†White GER 12 – bootleg that puts Missy’s vocal over the Knight Rider theme. Circulates as “Night Rider.â€

Madonna “Deleted Mixes†White ENG 2xLP – includes mixes from Jason Nevins, Sasha, Deep Dish, Club 69, Roger Sanchez, all of which are either out of print or were never commercially released.

Snap vs Nirvana “I’ve Got The Love Buzz†White USA 12 – blending the vocal hook “I’ve Got The Power†with the guitar riff from Nirvana “Love Buzz†and putting both over a pumpy drum line. Circulates as GEM1. Flipside is a mashup of several famous disco-era loops into a driving underground house cut.

Martin Solveig vs Michael Jackson “Rockin Billie Jean†White ENG 12 – circulates as BOB1, mashup of the massive house cut “Rockin Music†by Solveig with elements of the classic by Michael Jackson

Candi Staton “You Got The Love 2004†White ENG 12 – Funky disco-tinged house reworking of this classic vocal track by Pepe Braddock. One side is the full vocal mix, the other is a dub. Very limited pressing.

Danny Tenaglia vs Basement Jaxx “Music Is The Fly Life†White ENG 12 – latest release (DC014) in the Skullduggery series circulating as “Fly Musicâ€, with the flipside being a mashup of Tori Amos and Jackson 5 “Professional Miracles.

Underworld vs Kathy Brown “Turn Me Out Dark & Long†White ENG 12 – flipside is rework of Masters At Work “To Be In Loveâ€


DB Boulevard “Better Day†Airplane ITA 12 Promo – DB Boulevard return with a bouncy summertime commercial house production based around a hooky male vocal and a disco-tinged orchestration. Includes both English-language and Italian-language versions.

DJ Fist “Beat The Drums†Tumbata FRA 12 – driving bigroom tribal production that uses vocal hooks from the famous “Women Beat Their Men†sample that are integrated into a mix of aggressive rhythm lines and dark, driving tribal synth hooks.

Federation De Funk “Pure Emotion†Player GER 12 – Funky disco-tinged house from Germany with a catchy, inspirational female vocal and solid remixes by Reza and Mojolators

Ghostface f/Missy Elliot “Tush†Def Jam USA 2x12 – House mixes on this new urban smash with mixes by Jason Nevins and Anthony Acid in a chunky, funky style that works both the male and female raps into a solid production. Also includes a dub reworking by Peter Bailey that integrates elements of the vocals into a driving tech house production.

Herd & Fitz “I Just Can’t Get Enough†J Funk ENG 12 – 2Risque on the mix for this seductive female vocal house production with smooth house synth and piano lines over a shuffly light rhythm line all supporting an inspirational vocal.

Ikon f/Alison Limerick “Do You Dream†Jalapeno ENG 12 Part 1 and Part 2 – In its original form a shuffly broken-beat lounge track with a seductive vocal by one of the legends of mid-90s house, remixes transform this tracks into something for the dancefloor as well. Disc one features a chunky tech-tinged reworking by Steve Angello who dubs out the vocal while disc 2 features full vocal and dub mixes by Pound Boys in their classy garage-influenced style.

Kaskade “Safe†Salted USA 12 – Gorgeous garage production with a seductive male vocal and an excellent remix by Miguel Migs that is perfect for the more intimate floors or early night play.

Patti LaBelle “New Day†Def Jam USA 2x12 – One of the grande dames of American music returns with this stunning new single featuring excellent deeper garage house mixes perfect for the lounge or smaller floor. Remixes come from Louie Vega, Quentin James, Kryia vs Velez and Darryl James and all provide excellent platforms for La Patti’s inspirational vocal.

John Lucas f/Tylene “Join Me†Purple ITA 12 – seductive deeper vocal house cut with a sultry female vocal supported by a shuffly rhythm line and smooth blend of house synth and piano. Includes a dub mix on the flip.

Mis-teeq “Scandalous†Reprise USA C5 – Now out as a commercial CD-Maxi in the USA, this features the USA-only club remix by Joe Bermudez and Griifin that transforms the track from a funky urban cut into a driving bigroom club monster with driving rhythm lines and hooky synth orchestrations. CD-Maxi only.

NERD “She Wants To Move†Virgin ENG 12 – Basement Jaxx mix that was not available on the US edition is now available on this UK promo edition as the B-side to the new single “Maybe†(which does not have any mixes of its own.) Basement Jaxx takes the popular urban hit and gives it a ton of funky, chunky house orchestration to play with.

Ian Pooley “Heaven†Pooled GER 12 – Gorgeous garage vocal house production from Ian Pooley featuring a solid, slightly techy early 80s-flavored remix by Tonka that works nicely with the seductive vocal.

Portobella “Covered In Punk†Island ENG 12 – Massive UK buzz single in a chunky tech house style featuring slightly acidic synth orchestrations, driving rhythm lines and a saucy, Kelis-like female spoken vocal. Remix by Tony Senghore on the flip.

Kate Ryan “The Promise You Made†Sushitunes GER 12 – new single from the Belgian vocalist whose “Scream For More†was a huge trance success. This cut is a bit more in the commercial house vein with a singalong vocal, bouncy rhythm lines and hooky synth orchestrations. Includes both English and French-language versions.

Static Revenger “So High†Effin USA 12 – Effin returns with this excellent summery vocal house production featuring a seductive male vocal supported by an uplifting, bouncy disco-flavoured orchestration perfect for the poolside. Dutch offers a solid remix on the flip that gives the track an extra kick of energy to bring it to the main floors.

Superfunk f/Ron Carroll “Promised Land†Kontor ITA 12 – Hooky Italian disco-tinged house production featuring the inspirational vocals of Ron Carroll and two remixes that transform the track from a classic discohouse production into chunky, funky Benassi-style tech house creations that work well with the vocal samples.

Morten Trust f/Ida Corr “I Put My Faith In You†Morehouse USA 12 – Gorgeous seductive female vocal garage cut with warm, flowing synth and live instrument orchestrations, restrained rhythm backing and an intoxicating vocal. Includes a dub version on fhe flip.

Dina Vass “Waiting For You†Connect Mind With Soul ENG 12 – Classy vocal house production featuring an inspirational vocal over a funky, slightly disco-influenced house orchestrtations. Remixes come from Soul Avengerz and Ghost and the release also includes a garage reworking of Ms Vass’ previous release “The Love I Have For You.â€

Trance & Progressive

Alphazone “Revelation†Nukleuz ENG 12 – Nukleuz returns with another hard-hitting UK anthemic trance production of the harder variety as waves of melodic synth are blending with aggressive rhythm lines and dramatic breakdowns in this instrumental production. Remix by Phalanx on the flip is a touch darker and more aggressive in feel.

Digital Delinquents “Forever†Equilibrium ENG 12 – Gorgeous UK vocal trance production with soaring female vocals over waves of melodic synthwork, driving rhythm lines and dramatic breakdowns that build to massive climactic builds. Remixes from Gareth Emerson and JOC

DuMonde “Cold†Fate GER 12 Part 2 – Second set of mixes on this massive bigroom German trance production with mixes coming from Talla 2XLC who dubs out the vocal and integrates it into a massive, hard-hitting Teutonic orchestraition and X900 with the massive full vocal hands-in-the-air production.

Floyd “Any Given Day†Liquid BNX 12 – Ron van den Beuken under a different moniker, this is a stunning work of Dutch instrumental melodic trance perfection with intricate melodic orchestrations blended over a driving rhythm line in the best of the Dutch style. Remix on the flip by John van Dongen is a bit tougher in the rhytm line and adds a nice new melodic synth element to the production to give the track a more epic feel.

Mauritius “Prologue†Mauritius GER 12 – Dark, energetic bigroom progressive house production from Marc O’Tool with hooky vocal samples, pounding rhythm lines and spacious synth samples blended to perfection. Flipside track Peleton has a tribal-tinge to the rhythm line giving the track a more ethereal feel.

Overdub “2 Gether†Twelfth Hour ENG 12 – Chunky dark progressive production with a hooky tribal-influenced rhythm line, dark, expansive synth swells, muted vocal samples and dramatic breakdowns. Shanti on the flip provides a deeper, more hypnotic dub version on the flip.

Thrillseekers “New Life†Adjusted ENG 12 – After a nearly two year absence Thrillseekers return to the scene with a new bigroom production that, while preserving their trademark melodic mastery, adds a tough, driving rhythm line and a sharper, slighty techier feel to the overall production. Lange on the flip provides a counterpoint with a stunning bright melodic reworking that will lift even the most jaded spirits.

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Depeche Mode “Dream On 2004†White USA 12 – Progressive house reworkings by Grassinmoto on the L-Series. Two mixes, both integrating elements of the vocal into the production.

Depeche Mode “Personal Jesus 2004†White SPA 12 – driving bootleg uptempo tribal-tinged house reworking of the classic late 80s hit circulating as PJ1.

got these! BIG DM fan! :D quality stuff

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