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Connecticut label taking the streets by storm..........

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on behalf of 860 entertainment, i would like to thank you for all your insightful comments and opinions. i understand that if you live in nj or ny, you might be scared to go outside, so please, continue to stay inside & hate on ct. all sarcasm aside, if you come to ct. with that attitude, you will die in ct. people are starving here, so fuck what you heard. anyone whos"real" knows that you can get it anywhere at anytime. but thats your ignorance. i am a producer, 860 ent. is a record label, not "gangsters" . since when did you have to be "gangsta" to make music? every "gangsta" i know doesnt make music. me personnaly, im on a mission to bring my CONNECTICUT sound to the world, so i dont care if you dont think its "gangsta", or if you dont think ct. killed enough people to be able to make music, im gonna keep doin what i do, & if you cant respect that then i cant respect you. peace, always first,............ Smoke the Absolute, 860e............................. FIND OUT WHAT DARREL IS HATING ON AT... www.smoketheworld.com OR www.soundclick.com/860entertainment

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no darrel, you shouldent come to ct. it cost more to live here, the package store closes at 9pm, there are no job oppertunities, your not a drug dealer because if you were you would know that what you sell for 5, we sell for 20, so there goes your drug dealer title, do you even know any drug dealers? if you did they would let you know about ct., ask somebody. and maybe the reason why the only people you met from ct. are "white sweater yuppies" is because you have 3,000 posts and you never leave the crib. or, your a "whte sweater yuppie" yourself. if i was to judge jersey on what i know of you, i would have to think it was pussy. but i know that there are "real" & "fake" people anywhere you go, so on that note, peace to all my "real" people in new jersey. and to any one else who wants to tell "the people" about how we live in ct., please, do not talk about what you dont know about. unless you live here, shut the fuck up. peace, smoke860e

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I guess you're part of the 5% of the population who never watched Sopranos.

And yes, I work for the largest pharmecutical company in the world, in the Distribution Department aka, my job description is Pharmecutical Distribution.


Keep it gangsta.

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Pay no mind to these ignorant, clueless think-they-know-about hip-hop people on this board. Please contact me, we do some projects in Connecticut sometimes. And I could point you to more worthy message boards to promote your music than this place. I check in from time to time now to get a good laugh. I learned my lesson with a past arguement that most of these people are so damn ignorant they think the quality of music depends on "where you're from" or you are most knowledgeable because they "listen to old-school". Seriously, please private message me. Or IM Yahoo: luemusic. OR e-mail pascale@legacyunlimited.us.

Thank you.


Legacy Unlimited Ent.



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