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How was everyones weekend?


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Fri night - DJ So Trucky @Matrix. JP/Dave Ralph@Avalon. LES @Rise. XL, K, DJ JoeM, Eli, the twins, avalon guy, @Chez Cook's.

Sat night - House pahty in Marshfield. Therapy (where there was an Eli sighting), back to the house pahty with 12 ounces of Liq G. watching the host of the pahty fall into a G hole. Jamming 2 tablespoons of sugar in his mouth.

LIQUID G is the elixir of life......Great weekend except when I got on the hopper this morning it looked as if the Exxon Valdez ran aground in my toilet

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why would you give sugar to someone who is g'd out??

anyways, great weekend. friday... so trucky you jammed it out at matrix, very impressive.... nothing was better than seeing all of your faces when adilson dropped GTI.... :laugh:

teamj... get those pix up! link please!

saturday... embassy, ultra for 5 minutes, lol, had my own wilke sighting, and then on to NYC. i definitely saw some kid with a mask on the back of his head. kept freaking me out b/c i thought it was the front of his face and would then realize it was on the back. saw some friends from NY and NJ who i hadnt seen for a while, but sadly no kosta :(

sunday... pretty much unconscious the ENTIRE day!

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Good weekend -

Saw most of you fockerst at Matrix/Rise on Friday...good times!

Sat I had a day date with Prplhz - it was hot!

Sunday - beach in NH! :)

And I met Phatbastard! Doesnt get any better than that!

Ras - did I meet you?

It was a pleasure meeting you too gurl! Damn I always miss the PGGA (prog gurl/gurl action)

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