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i've never been

but everyone i know who has gone doesnt' go back. and there's no metro stop.

dream is a phat ass venue huge place real decked out propa, music is good too but i guess once again its the yuppies that ruin it....or maybe not i like to go there every once in a while, tons of witches most of them stuck up though....

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Panorama Productions and Masoud A Productions present…

ARMIN VAN BUUREN (Ultra Records, Armada-Holland)

PETE MOUTSO (Black Hole Recordings, Glow-DC)

Saturday July 3rd

The Loft @ Dream Nightclub

Armin will be spinning a special 4 hour extended DJ set on this night.

$15 online, $20 at the door.

No Line, Now Wait…NO PROBLEM. Order Tickets online at



There will be a separate entrance for The Loft.

Loft will be open until 5am.

Dream Nightclub is located at 1350 Okie Street N.E.-D.C.

Info:202.271.1171 Web:www.ClubGlow.com

Dress smart, sneakers and jeans are allowed.

21+ with proper ID.

Listen to Armin’s “A State Of Trance†Show Tuesday’s on Glow Radio at www.ClubGlow.com .

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