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:getdown: this is Tony. no one can match his moves or his endurance. he can pump those hips like no other. his training started when he was quite young, and he has since perfected his form. he has been known to yell "booya", "ugh", and "dont stop till you get enough!"...but these have not been substantiated as of yet.

:swallow: Tony later found with "Candy"

:deadfish: this is a troublesome figure. you can never trust anyone who can pull a fish out of their a$$..or anything for that matter. he is an agent of the top secret Aquachi agency. dont let his casual demeanor fool you.

:grenade: this is Charles. in an attempt to sabotage his friend's science fair project, Charles forgot that he was encased in a translucent bubble, his own science project - studying the psychological effects of bubble life. There was nothing we could do for poor Charles.

:slash: Puerto Ricans....'nuff said

:itsok: this is truly a wonderful sight. despite having ogre like disfigured arms, Larry (on the right) manages to show some love for his little friend Andrew. if only we all could be as comfortable with our imperfections. (note: Larry was later arrested for sexual harrassment)

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:bounce: : alexander, hooked on coke since he was 15...

:splat: angermanagement andy... overworked underpayed and never layed...

:finger: barslut: a cyber elite only posts to remind ppl of who they really are...

:balls: rizzo: just when youre having a good time he comes along to kick you in the balls and also to remind you who you really are...

:type: : dgmodel aka :pint: : a troubled misguided youth with his only outlet being the cyber realm...

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:spam: <--iamme :laugh:

ahhahahahah lol...

:dj: deepspell, constant and shameless promotions are his favourite type of post... lol j/k...

:ghey: :bigpoppanils, a regular on the car forum, posts in great length about saabs, audis and loves to quote car magazines...

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