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which is sexier? thong or comando?


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I rock all 3.

Ladies, I love em all just so long as they know how to rock it as well. Thongs get old at times. Sometimes I just want her to sport some cute regular drawers. Or the ones that cut halfway across the ass, mmm :drool: just dont ever rock granny panties and I never find it sexy when a girl rocks mens briefs, boxers are ok but not briefs, something not kosher with that.

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Forgot to say what I like on a guy! :blank: I dont know what kind they are exactly but I think Calvin Klien makes them. I call them the superman undies! :drool: They come up high on the hip. And low on the stomach. They show off the muscles of the lower stomach of a guy. Yummy! Only if he has a toned body does it look good. My ex bought a bunch of them for me. I loved every minute of it! :makeout: ....Also DanaDane I tried to call you befor I left work yesterday. Where were you???

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this is for the ladies too. which do you prefer? boxers, briefs,or free ballin? personally, i like to let it all hang out! :bounce:

I usually go commando, but when I do wear undies I wear things....I think its super sexy when guys wear not boxers, too much freedom, but boxer briefs. mmmmm

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