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ATTN: wiggers

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Yes, you! You with the north face bubble jacket hangin' down so low it looks like a trench coat. Go out to the store and buy some new jeans that fit, and pull them up all the way over your butt like a normal human being. And while you're at it, give your mommy back her night gown you try and pass off as a T-shirt. Do you realize how stupid you look in your mommies night gown? Judging from the way you swagger when you walk, like a chimpanzee trying to sober up, I think you probably do not, but just to clear things up you look an overgrown Swee'pea gone wrong. And no I am not "yo niggah" nor am I "yo dawg" and there is no possibility I am related to your fashionably challenged and outdated ass so do not call me "yo bruddah." And no, NO you are not cool in your BMW blasting your Eminem and your Vanilla Ice, so just accept THAT YOU ARE NOT A GANGSTER! YOU WILL NEVER BE A GANGSTER! Mobb Deep would most likely shank your stupid ass for less than that. I mean you live in the 'burbs, your daddy is paying your way through college, and you live in a house that costs more than entire projects do. So please do all us normal people a favor and ask mommy for your allowance and go out and welcome yourself into the new millenium by buying yourself a new wardrobe, and a new attitude while your at it.

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