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Ladies: Favorite jeans for guys are?


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not into labels...but, anything thats feels soft...i love soft denim. Hard new denim....hmmm, kinda stiff, ya know? but, as long as their loose enough to slip one hand down the backside when no one is looking (for your b/f, ofcourse).............then they work.

--just another way to "size" a guy up....not into that...also, had a girl who knew a guys worth by his shoes.....she tried to hook me up with this nice shoe wearing guy....and as much as i argued with her...I think it was a lambergini he drove away in?? something like that....i was impressed with her knowledge....but, that's not what it's all about for me. Guys like that are control freaks and power addicts, it's a trade off, isn't it.

Wranglers are kinda old school bull rider type....dunno.

why must we do the things we do.......(is that part of a song?)

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if it looks good on you wear it...i def appreciate guy who can carry off a look that they feel good in, not because they are wearing a certain brand. granted, i prefer the relaxed denim look, and perhaps certain brands carry that style, but its not like its restricted to only diesel, dolce , or paper denim& cloth, etc.

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