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One set to failure

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What are your thoughts on strength training one set to failure. I have recently started doing this workout with a trainer and want to know if it is better, worse, same than working out multiple sets. The workouts are pretty intense and are done on Nautilus machines, by the end of the workout I am usually spent and we do every set of exercise to failure. sample routine would be:

Leg press

Pull Over

Leg Press dec wt 5%

Calf Raises

Compund Row

Bicep Curl (isolation)

Military Pull up

Chest Press

Tricep Extension

Dips 30sec positive 30 sec negative

Ab Crunch (on machine)

Any thoughts?

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You have to try a bunch of things and find out what works for you. Mike Mentzer was a proponent of H.I.T. training, obviously it worked for him. Dorian Yates was another proponent of only 1 or 2 working sets for each movement (after 1 or 2 warmups of course).

I myself find that my muscles don't need a high amount of volume to see results. Although, from time to time you have to shock them because they get used to the load. Like last week, to shock my chest I did a 25-30 set workout, obvisouly would not do this on a regular basis.

But back to the point of your question, I dont like that training style, but try and see if you get results.

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