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Top 10 Places to Hide Your Drugs


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1. In a cigar tube, hidden under a roll of fat

2. Up your dogs butt, your ex-girlfriends butt or in your own.

3. Between a woman’s breasts.

4. In a condom in your stomach.

5. In your shoe.

Come on I know you all have your secret places, take a moment to list them here...

This new show on Court TV covers this and similar topics it’s called The Smoking Gun, it is on this Monday and Tuesday, 10:30PM EST. It’s from the hilarious website from the same name, you know the website with the celebrity mug shots.

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my ex did that to smuggle bags into a rehab facility.......so much for being clean in rehab.......:-(...sunrise house very lax security

i was at ocean city md a couple years ago and we start talking to this girl and she said she had E and she stores it in her cooch....my friends reply "cum again"....we were all in disbelief

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I would put the pilss in a little baggy, roll it up tite as I could, then I would slide it into the roots of my dreads. What security would start to look at your hair.

What if it falls off?

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I heard they are selling oversized JACOB&CO. watches now that fip open to hide pill's drug's in imagine that lol people will do anything to try to sneek stuff into a club lolololololo :rofl:

yeah thats lol. how much are they and how much can you fit in them?

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