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Chemicalpalooooooza 2004


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The Friday night warm up before the real party came to an end for me around 5pm today. We had special guest appearances, puppet porn, sampling of 5 different chemicals, good tunes, sock puppets, G-holes, slap fights, glow stick displays, and the repetetive phrase for the night was BooooooooooooooooooooooBiEs. pictures and video clips, yes i said video clips to come. (Note video may not work b/c I cant figure out my focking phone)

Went thru a SHITLOAD of chemicals last night. Reloaded with more chemicals (and my check book) and heading back to Chemicalpalooooooooza in a few minutes. I need to scrub my eyeballs and shave my teeth now. OUT

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It's official.

I hate you.

j/k. Just you wait till I get my new job (sans on-call-sobriety bullshit!!).

there's always chemicalpalooza 2004 part deux which I am sure will be soon. Although you prob wouldnt have liked the musak. the pulse crew was there spinning sum nasty azzzz tribal. wish i could have stayed in the den more but the friggin strobe light was killing me and i was hugging and border line making out with a pole. it was sexy and cold. just what a guy needs when peeeeeeeeeekin!

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