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What's this song called?


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Can anyone help me find out what this song is called?? I guess it's old and goes like...

"Gotta let me love you all night long gotta let me move you with a song

gotta show me how My love

I will do to you anything you need to turn it on anything to get it going on anything you want my love i will do for you

I am here tomorrow show me the lover that you are.

you slowly move while you kissing and caressing me all the way down, let me do that to you, Ill be your everything baby"

... :bounce:



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Hi the song you are looking for is titled " The Lover That You Are " Pulse Featuring Antoinette Roberson back from 1996 produced by Hex Hector with the following mixes:

Club Vox [8.13]

Acapella [2.53]

Dub [7.30]

Percapella [2.30]

Wayne ( DJ WET )

New Jersey

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The Version of "The lover that you are" that I have is a little newer than the Hex Hector version that Wet mentioned, but not very new; it was remixed around 1998 / 99 or by Richie Santana & Peter Bailey. I didn't even know there was a Hex Hector version. The version I have has a very 97/98 Plasmic Honey / progressive / New Yorkish sound to it, and was released on Jellybean with the Santana & Bailey mix on the A side, and the Santana dub on the B side. The dub's hot.

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