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ladies, do you ever wonder.....


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whats the point of dating?? i mean, most guys can be such assholes. i mean, if you know or have a feeling your not going to end up together, why bother?? why take the risk of getting hurt, or worse watsing your precious time on something thats gonna fizzle out in no time?? why not just wait for the right guy/ the right time and wait for the marriage material type. just a thought.

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What a ridiculous question !

how are you supposed to meet people if you don't go out and date! Or at least go out to bars n clubs or whatever?

Everyone im sure has had bad dates. But people have good ones too! That's just part of society

And its not just guys that are assholes. Lately ive dealt with girls who are so into themselves, i couldn;t make any solid plans with them cuz they'll do what they want to, even if thy agreed to go out with me :half:

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