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hard nipples poking through tight wifebeater


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is that a good thing or a bad thing on a chica ?

I walked by and and a gang of hoody ass 50 cent wannabes hollered at me " Nipples nipples yo nipples are hard !! daaayyyuuuum !! "

LOL ..I was pissed at first but that was funny ! he he he !!

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Nipples poking through your shirt is SO hot! Guys who call it out are SO losers!

I don't know WTF is wrong with some guys. It's like when you have two hot chics getting all up on each other on the dance floor and some geekoid guy comes and tries to get in it, like he has some chance, and drives them off breaking up the show. Personally, I think that should be a nard-kicking offense.

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