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Lean Back rmx...

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Remy didn't have a verse in this one...wait for the next remix..

i think Em saved himself on his last verse, the line mentioned above...you're on point wit dat origskeemr

she does have a verse on the one I heard... thats funny though cause my boy said on his its only Fat Joe, Eminem, and Ma$e also. weird. I'm tellin you I def heard Remy's verse and I know I'm not crazy. It was also the best one out of all 4. Plus Angie played the one I heard yesterday.

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hmmm...this i gotta investigate then

Remy does have a verse and I'm 110% sure... I heard it again on hot97 (maybe only on the radio edit) but it was def her and I feel it was the hottest verse out of all.

I like Em and he is one of illest, but wtf he isnt gangsta. All he does is talk about guns now and that all happened when he signed 50 and G-Unit. He needs to stick to his orignal niche which was all the crazy shit without the gun talk. We have enough phony gangstas. I really hope he doesnt spit like that on his new LP. That was a hot line though. I just feel he wasnt fit for that song if they wanted to put Em on then they should have made the Lean Back chorus stand for sumptin else then a dance. They should have made the chorus stand for sumptin like all emcee's should Lean Back when they come on a track. I dunno but Em doesnt fit on that track IMO.

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the beat killed it....Lil John SUCKS...I personally think everyone's verse was rather shitty. remny>em>mase>joe .

I have an edit where they took the remix acapella and put it over the original lean back beat. Its much better, but still not spectacular

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OK...the remix is OK....BUT...lil john needs to STOP...I repeat......STOP....using the keyboard riff sound that is in all his other trax....however that is signature lil john just like back when Swiss was doing his thing with Jay and the Ruff Ryders.

Em's verse = BIG disappointment....For the amount of skills that em has, you would think that was an amateur rap.

Mase's verse = nice...that is vintage Mase....not that welcome back shit he did. He's also on the Jesus Walks remix and his verse is tight.....He's back to his old ways.

Remy's verse...YES, its on the Hot 97 version of the remix but the one thats out, it's not. Anyway...her verse is bannanas!!!!! She's better than most guy rappers right now and she's a class act on top of it....I had a chance to meet her at our radio station concert and she's the coolest to chill with.

OVERALL -- could've been better but it's lil john so this is what we get.

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