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I just got my dog spayed, so she came back all fucked up. the vet says the shot lasts 24 hours. I also got some pills i am supposed to give her for pain.

yo can i eat these and get fucked up. hit me back i got the hook up.

I am just kidding, but could you eat doggy pain killers and not die?

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Theyre not doggy pain killers, theyre people pain killers at a low dose most likely. Ive gotten valiums and phenabarbitol (sp) for my dogs too. My little dog even takes half a dose of plain old benedryl for her skin allergies.

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thanks i will let everyone know how they are.................

or maybe ill just eat the big fat green watsons i have.

What is funny is trying to save pain killers, i know i am going to montreal in a couple of weeks so i get a shit load of vics, only to chip away at them. I need like a drug version of a bank CD. Where i could deposit my drugs and are not allowed to touch them until they mature.


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