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...anyone ever research whether it's cheaper to just use a target or walmart vs the cost of the printer, ink and paper?......have the $ diminished now on that cuz for a long time ink and photo paper was ridiculously high in price......

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I would go with a Canon, that's what I have. They have 4 ink cartriges. One black, majenta, blue and yellow. You only have to replace one at a time and they go for about $10 each. Stay away from HP, they have 4 cartriges, each running about $40-$45. For that price you can just buy a new priniter when the ink runs out.

Definatley check out ink prices first.

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i work at a camera store/photo lab and it's WAY cheaper to have your prints done at a lab.

first of all, inks are ridiculously expensive. don't forget, ink is covering the entire page; think of how fast you go through ink already on your normal printer, now try to imagine how much faster you'd go through it on a photo printer.

the paper's expensive, too, and you'd make mistakes and have more waste around edges than you would at a lab. 4 x 6 prints at my lab are 27 cents each (we're more pricey than costco 'cause we're MUCH higher quality), and a box of 25 archival sheets is $8.99, or 35 cents. my lab also does fine tuning that you might not do (i don't know if you adjust color, density, contrast, etc.).

a home printer is good for convenience, though, if you want to make quick prints every now and again.

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