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Breaking Stuff!!@$*^!(!!!!


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i just broke my phone at work (oops? :D ) and it got me wondering...

ever flipped out and broken stuff? anything interesting? done any crazy ish while pissed off?


ive broken a few phones in the past...actually the wall broke them, i just guided them to it...

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when i'd fight with my ex (( on the phone )) i used to throw it all over my apartment.

Never really broke it...but lots of lil' pieces were shakin' inside... :laugh2:

I kicked a hole in my wall when I still lived with my mom...and used to slam doors a lot.

Ummmm...that's all I can really think of.

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...my cousin/boss still breaks shit and he's over 40.....lol......no counseling for him....fucker still hasnt replaced the postage scale - that thing came in handy.....i know ive broken things, just cant remember what......now i usu just scream or punch something........

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when I was away at college in my apartment bedroom, I had like 30 of those 12 by 12 mirrors around my room...by the end of the year and all of the drunken fights I got in with my ex girl, I probably had about 4 that weren't broken

holy shit, that sounds like a crazy~trippy room before graduation day! 30 12' by 12' mirrors all around your room :eek:

I too broke mad shit in college. As well as recently around my neighborhood, but i won't get into that here on the web ;)

I don't know if it's breaking as much as vandalizing, but i used to spray cars with ketchup and mustard and drop old pickles in the mailbox's 4 halloween :D

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i put my fist through a wall the other night, does that count?

ive done a mirror, a closet and a wall... seperate occassions... mirror = girl, closet = argument with parents (younger, lol still there though), wall = argument with girl... my father once told me that he and my mother were arguing once and he had a cocktail glass ( a sifter i think he said) in his hand just squeezed it and walked out of the room... lol

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I was sitting at the bar...someone took it out of my bag, im guessing...they had to be one quick mother fucker to get by me, i wasnt even drunk yet !

how great would it be to find that person!! :box:

my mom had hers stolen on a bus in Rome (surprise surprise) and she had EVERYTHING in there, cash , cc's, passport, receipts, confirmations, etc...when she realized it she got off at some random stop and started flipping out in the middle of the street in downtown Rome...its the only time ive ever saw my Dad actually AFRAID of my mom :laugh:

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