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ladies, how many of you have....


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have fucked a shorter man?? not a midget exactly, just shorter. reminds me of the sex and the city episode, where samantha fucks with that short dude for a few weeks then cuts him loose. but before hand at the restaurant she yells at him "your nothing more than a little man attached to a big penis." lol. so come on ladies, fess up. also, how was the experience.

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that was a great episode. 'you shop, in the boys department...' 'yea the clothes fit me better, plus they're cheaper. where do you shop, the big and tall whore store?' lol

nah, i cant say ive done a dood shorter than me, but im 5'2/3 ish so that would be a very short man

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i used to have SUCH a big thing for short guys :drool: . i didn't even notice that i did till i realized that all the guys i had been attracted to happened to be short. i wondered if it were a tendency or a requirement (maybe that's for another thread)... i never fucked anyone shorter, though.

anycrap, my last bf was exactly my height, and that was a huge turn-on :woah: . and kissing him standing up was amazing mostly for that reason; he wasn't a great kisser, but just us being the same height sort of made me feel that we fit together, if not just for those moments :spin2: .

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