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Steve Gerrard @ Rise


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Incredible. The best set I've heard at Rise, and one of the best I've ever heard anywhere. Much like Rise itself, Steve Gerrard's music was a refreshingly cohesive mix of many different styles. Bumpin proggy breaky trancey, I challenge anyone to suitably categorize it as anything other than just plain good. His mixing and programming were flawless. Though impossible to trainspot, I enjoyed every single track he played. Add to this a big, energetic crowd, and hands down this was one of the best nights out I've had in a long time. As if this isn't enough, Steve is also a super cool and chill dude and was so appreciative to play at Rise. I sincerely hope he is invited back to Boston soon.

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yeah well, i'm a believer now. He played so many beautiful tracks last night, and the darker moments of the set were just damn gratifying to say the least. twas a good night, musicwise....

(oh btw, i was told i should post on this board more so you guys can kick my ass...psh....Go ahead and give it to me hard..blahahaa :gang:

;) )

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Nice to see y'all out last nite. Great night, vibe-wise and music-wise. I really love it when I go hear somebody spin and they open my ears to something so different from what I normally like, and they make me appreciate it to th fullest. Def. a Gerrard fan now.

Thanks Prpl for the d.l. on this cat...he was great! Oh and thanks groove for the baby orangutans...that really worked.

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I had a great time at Rise on Friday and hadn't been there since D:Fuse and groovefire back in february. :bowdown: Got to love that Bedrock dj sound from Gerrard.He played some really good tracks that I'd have no prayer at trainspotting but I did hear he dropped some personal favs like the Wrecked Angle mix of Age of Love as well as Mark Otten-Tranquility.

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no lava lamps, but there were some fiiiinnnne hottie juiceheads all up in that piece. :drool:


Friday night was awesome!

Steve Gerrard was all I had expected he would be, thanks to all of my GN friends that highly recommended him, right on! I couldn't identify the type of music he was spinning for the life of me, it was almost like a breaks set but with some dark house mixed in. It was so funny because all night Mike kept saying to me "what type of music is this? I don't care what it is, it's damn good!" :)

We stayed around until about 6am, Foxy and I were like the last people there from our group, where did you all go?

Anyways, Avalon should be getting this guy in there and STAT, he would rip that place apart!

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