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HAAaa hAhaaah Smokesum!

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....i saw anthony for all of but 2 minutes....the initial convo was the same with everyone, "damn it's hot in here", "damn it's packed in here", "ok - good to see you"......lmao

thats more than i got, i got a loose handshake and a firm hello... wtf~!? i thought we were softball buddies... :(

...did you hear reeni rip on him for his white sneakers......lol.....tony got served......

lol... nah... i just remember tonys assbreathe... holy shit i wanted holyfield to put on peppermint gloves and punch him in the mouth.. lol

is there a phobia for being scared a of tall men yelling through the streets with umbrella's

lol if there is i think i have it...

...idk but last time was the first time i saw tony call someone out.....looked at some kid at the bar and just said, "Relax! That's the key."...mofo just looked away....prob knew about the umbrellas.......

punks... all punks...

I missed all the fun :(

did you work all night~!?

what the shit was up with the bathroom attendant at 2nd nat. asking me about carbs and atkins and daily protein intake~!?

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