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...pleasure was all mine son......i'll be calling you later......not going down the shore but def looking to get ill tonite.........your set was tight, yo.........before i came up to the booth i was chilling in the back room on the couch just enjoying the vibe......good to hear the blend too, from hip hop to house....shows your diversity......even though the later is where my heart is......sufficed to say, i wish more had stayed to hear you turn out the tunes i heard but that was their loss........lookin forward to sully....

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thanks for having us, we dug what good edm shit we heard but the crowd n place wasn't for us n i was really exhausted n sick, I still feel like crap today but you got some skills yo. I def can't wait for your set at sullivan, I will 100% be at that and def im sure there will be no hip hop that night heh he. Good times man.

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...the deal is al, my boy eric and i went last night and it was friggin great.......

saturday's it's the place to be. I heard Asad Rivzi ripped the place a new one.

But what I'm referring to is all the talk of "sully next month baby".


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hehe dont worry marci, dates are yet to be confirmed but im working on it......its either gunna be a thursday or friday jam....i will keep you all posted.

yea the place is very cool.....decor is great.....but its that "nyu" hookup crowd. we had to play hip hop to keep EVERYONE happy. cuz the fact of the matter is if we dont keep everyone happy....we dont get paid :laugh: whatever i threw down some classic hip hop tracks. Place went nuts when i dropped "top billin'' teee hee .....didnt expect that one eh? :D

Sully on sat was OFFFFF THE FUCKING WALLLLLLLL. i honestly didnt stop dancing from 11 to 2. i was SOAKED in sweat. but we got some free cd's :D

anyways thanks once again to everyone!!! Cant wait for the Fliptoniaaa meetup on my b-day weekend and for the sully gig! its gunna be sweeeeeeet :D

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