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attn: whoever broke into my friend's car outside Therapy


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it sucks they stole that many of his cd's, i feel so bad for him :( it's really too bad that cell phones don't have tracking devices built in.

we should start a 'replace pat's cd collection' fund. one way to raise money would be to sell the t-shirts that he wants to make(you know which ones i am talking about) outside of avalon and rise.....fuckers. he does have a list of the cd's so that helps.

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Hello Ras...

I went to RWU last year so I know Providence can be sketchy..

I parked in a parking lot right on dike street.What I don't understand is how the cops who were 50 feet away didn't hear or see anything happen to my car. :mad::banghead:

It just sucks because I had so many cds in those three cases that got stolen and some of them cant be replaced (ie unreleased) or original global undergrounds.

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Under the seat is the second place they look.Therapy is in Thugsville.There pro's.They know every car there has cd's under the seat.When I go to clubs I lock all my shit in the trunk, even then I worry.I had my car stolen thursday with a cop 50 ft away.

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No camera's were stolen.I'm retired. My cell phone was taken which is almost as bad as being shot and killed.Stupid thug started calling his friends right away, nextel gave me the numbers he called.The feds are on him.

I think every club dancer and booty call in Boston was in that phone...ohh the humanity. :banghead:

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