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....an ode to mystify's new sig...

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crack that whip

give the past the slip

step on a crack

break your momma's back

when a problem comes along

you must whip it

before the cream sits out too long

you must whip it

when something's going wrong

you must whip it

now whip it

into shape

shape it up

get straight

go forward

move ahead

try to detect it

it's not too late

to whip it

whip it good

when a good time turns around

you must whip it

you will never live it down

unless you whip it

no one gets their way

until they whip it

i say whip it

whip it good!

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bullsey - when im free from the studio this weekend (as if)

ill see about making up something for ya

and might i add..............Tee-Hee

did you make mysty's sig from scratch? like the actual drawing and animation, etc.

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some yes and some no

i didnt have time for all that but its something i can do


do youwant alittle something something for yo' self'

hahaha, that would be pretty dope, but that wasnt my intention, just curious :aright:

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