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EDM Digital.com **SPECIAL UPDATE** July 27th

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EDMDigital.com **SPECIAL UPDATE** week of July 27th


New Releases on THE WALL :

This week we bring you a very special not-so-mini-update, featuring over 30 new tunes from artists and labels such as Naveen G [M Theory], Pat Foosheen [Chug], Stereo Movers & MV [Tao], Nukes, Jeff Belfi & John Marius [Mixturi Global], Smight [institution Online], Popcorn [Deep Recordings Germany], Cortex Thrill [Cortex Productions Germany], Alea Deep, Ercomo, Morale [Dark Recordings Germany] and Muzo B!

Confidance -

Evryday Downers - Deeper

Chug -

Naveen G - Lost Mysticism ( Pat Foosheen Mix )

M-Theory -

Naveen G - Keeper Of 5 ( Original Mix )

Naveen G - Keeper of 5 ( Theories Mix )

Tao - available mid-day July 27th CST

Stereo Movers - Soul Sweeper ( The Dark Mix )

Stereo Movers - Soul Sweeper ( Original Mix )

Stereo Movers - Soul Sweeper ( MV's Back In The Dub Mix )

Stereo Movers - Soul Sweeper ( MV's Back In The Day Mix )

Mixturi Global -

Nukes - The Hung

Nukes - Real Grid

Nukes - Next Grid

Nukes - Hypnotaid ( Scratch Build Mix )

Jeff Belfi & John Marius - Dans Le Modele

Institution Online -

The PQM Project - Aneama ( Smight's Global Checksum Mix )

Deep Recordings Germany -

Popcorn - Push Out The Jive

Popcorn - Djackys Radio

Popcorn - Easy Feeling ( Dbk Version )

Cortex Production Germany -

Cortex Thrill - Perpetual Replications

Cortex Thrill - Persistence Of Memorys

Cortex Thrill - Persistence Of Time

Cortex Thrill - Persistence Of Time ( Peter Dundov Mix )

Cortex Thrill - Reflected Momentuums

Cortex - Sense Of Kaos

Dark Germany -

Alea Deep Feat. Cortex - Unique Mosaic ( Extended Mix )

Alea Deep Feat. Cortex - Unique Mosaic ( Original Mix )

Ercomo - Save Me Part 2

Ercomo - Save Me Part 1

Morale - Bored Of Disco

Morale - To Many Drunks

Independent Artist -

Muzo B - Caress Moi

Thanks and 'til next week!


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