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Summer 2004 - The Rainy Season

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i got soaked at the orioles game last night :mad:

it sucked cuz we had an entire fridge of beer in our suite that we werent aloud to leave with. so we said fvck that, grabbed the empty pizza boxes, and stuffed them with beer (like 21-28 beers per box). so we were sprinting through the stadium, in suits, with the COO of our division, carrying 3 beer filled pizza boxes sideways (really heavy btw) getting very odd looks. i think i knocked over a kid too..not sure...all i remember is rushing by some 12ish yr old, splashing him with my running leaps, then i heard someone wipe out and everyone behind me laugh. hope he's ok. i bet he got real wet.

stupid water falling from sky :cuss:

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....fuck marko and the rest that love this shit.....I've HAD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....rain rain go away, come back another.........season!


just be glad you dont live on the southern coast where the humidty is 95% or higher every day....and every damn day there is a "chance of thunderstorms"

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Everybody can speak for yourselves, i work outside climbing poles and shit, so i deal with all types of weather, i'll take warm humid rain over freezin' days anytime

professional monkey? :confused:

no serisouly, what do u do? (with the climbing of the poles and ish)

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is it just me or does anyone else notice the past few years are seasons are a lil bit off~!? like our fall doesnt start until about nov/dec, our biggest snow storms are in fuckin march/april, spring is in june and it rains all summer... what the shit is going on here... i feel like im taking crazy pills~!

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